From Wedding Gift to Global Phenomenon...

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This is Jeff Lieberman.

Artist, engineer, and perhaps best known for hosting the show 'Time Warp' on Discovery Channel.

He's also the creator of Slow Dance.

It Started With A Wedding

Jeff's friends Eric and Emily were getting married.

And he wanted to give them a once-in-a-lifetime gift.

The Eureka Moment

Using his experience with high-speed stroboscopy, Jeff set out to create something where two ‘opposites’ danced with one another. But he couldn’t find the right objects.

Until it hit him - literally.

A pine branch fell on his head. And Jeff realized that nature has designed artifacts more beautiful than anything he could create.

Seeing people’s reactions to his creation, Jeff decided to see if Slow Dance would appeal to a broader audience.

People quickly fell in love with the idea behind Slow Dance and it raised over $500,000 on Kickstarter.

Slow Dance has since gathered fans around the world.

It's currently rated 4.9/5 by customers.

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You’ve seen the ads.
Or maybe you heard about it from a friend.

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Slow Dance is an original artwork by artist engineer Jeff Lieberman.

It’s the machine that lets you watch real objects in slow-motion.

What started as a wedding gift for a friend, has since raised over $500,000 on Kickstarter and gathered fans around the world.

Put it in your home or office. It sparks conversation, inspires awe and looks great.

People of all ages love to discover the wonder and beauty of slow motion, making Slow Dance a unique and popular gift.

Slow Dance is incredibly easy to install. In fact, no installation is required. Just unbox and set up!

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